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Meet Pamela Brinker in Shoutout Colorado

Shoutout Colorado featured an interview with me in their March issue !

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Becoming an Emotionally Agile Warrior in CO Yoga + life

I am very honored that CO Yoga + Life magazine featured an interview with me in their bravery issue !

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Woman's World Magazine Page 2

Woman’s World Magazine

I am very honored and thankful that Women’s World put a feature article about me in their magazine! I hope this practice can help you in your journey toward healing.

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Spirituality & Health

2 Techniques to Cultivate Bravery When You Need It Most

Author and psychotherapist Pamela Brinker has taught and led groups and workshops on a variety of themes including motivation, grief, mental health, conscious bravery while supporting loved ones with addiction, and dreamwork. In this article, Pamela walks the reader through experiencing courageous awareness in lieu of denial or avoidance. “We become more adept at managing our discomfort or overwhelm. Over time, we rewire our brains and new, braver instincts are cultivated, enabling us to tap into vast reserves of calmness and clarity when we need them the most. And our life gets better because we make brave choices.”

Spirituality & Health

Conscious Bravery by Pamela Brinker

Live Well: New book by Colorado Springs author addresses caring for those with addiction, mental health issues

Colorado Springs psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker Pamela Brinker’s new book, “Conscious Bravery: Caring for Someone with Addiction” details the trials she’s endured and the self-care techniques she’s developed.

The Colorado Springs Gazette Online


Tips and stories about conscious bravery from the author combined with powerful suggestions for inner empowerment. 


Browse Pamela’s videos for insight on tools and practices to find and cultivate your conscious bravery and inner wisdom. 



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