Things look better when we’re grateful.

Gratitude is our most ever-present, accessible medicine.

When we enjoy a moment with gratitude, we saturate ourselves in something pleasurable. Savoring simple happenings helps us to accept — and even begin to love — our imperfect lives.

Challenges will always arrive, yet it’s ok to be happy underneath it all and experience moments of joy.

Attempts to protect ourselves from suffering actually prevent us from experiencing bliss.

Everyone longs for joy, to rise above our pain and feel better. Wouldn’t you like to tap into a resource that is always available? Gratitude is this medicine, and we hold its healing power within.

Try it now: what is 1 thing for which you’re grateful? Breathe in and out with heightened awareness, reflecting upon what you’re grateful for with openness, seeing gratitude as the medicine you need right now to soothe your sad or anxious heart.

Fear stands guard around our capacity to grow. Stretching into gratitude with conscious breathing can reduce fears about a beloved who’s hurting, alter your mindset, calm your sympathetic nervous system, and allow you to move from shock, trauma, anger, or devastation into moments of brave poise, accepting what is in this present moment.

Gratefulness brings you back into your loving, compassionate heart. Your vision becomes unclouded, and with broadened perspective you see through the bare eyes of grace instead of through the dark glasses of the brain’s negative bias of anxiety, or fear.

Enveloped in gratitude, the volume of fear’s voice is reduced and your own loving heart holds your pain with deep nurturing.

Gratitude is a prescription for loving life and for everyday, conscious bravery.

“It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful,” as David Stendl-Rast says.

Go in gratitude, go in joy, go in bravery.


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