“I think one of my favorite feelings is laughing with someone and realizing halfway through how much you enjoy them and their existence.” @createthelove

Life is really hard some days.

Entire months and years can be hard.

We all need to be able to bravely feel our pain, consciously breathe, reset, get our feet on the ground, do some self-care rituals, and have moments of reprieve while laughing with a loved one.

These tools are called self-regulation and co-regulation. ⚖️

They’re literally lifesaving! 🛟

They give you a foundation of contentment, and you’re not completely derailed by shocking or grueling circumstances.

No one wants to be defined by anxiety or trauma. It’s brave to live in the murky middle with pain on one end of the continuum and joy on the other, allowing both and everything in between.

Laughing helps to clear the spaces in your head, heart, and energy!

Bring lightheartedness into your world. It’s self-compassion in action, and spills into the worlds of others too.

Laugh a little. 😅
Laugh a lot if you can.

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