Presence can be your reliable holiday miracle.

Being consciously present is a wake-up into what actually IS… versus what you’re thinking, dreading or fearing, hoping for or regretting. All of those originate in the mind—they’re not reality!

Being present with whatever Is, is a brave, flexible ability.
It involves flowing, adapting into greater comfort with your discomfort. You reset your nervous system and rewire your brain gradually over time.

You can make a greater impact on your circumstances when you’re calmer and thinking clearly.

How do you become present?

1) Commit to being here. Right now. Often. Catch yourself when you’re ruminating on the past or fixating on the future, and re-focus on just this ONE MOMENT. Partner with the present frequently and it will become a habit.

We don’t have much control over our circumstances, but we can control ourselves by assertively accepting what has arrived, saying: “Now, there’s this.”

Accepting the last moment, you’ve now moved into this next new moment. That’s presence.

I have to reset and “re-presence” often, remembering my commitment to come back to being right here now. It really helps me through difficult moments!

2) Practice the bravery technique I mentioned 2 weeks ago: breathe consciously. Often! Open your eyes and ears to what is, and allow this moment. It’s already here anyway! Conscious breathing is the doorway into the now, the only place to help you get to where you want to go.

When you swim in the ocean, you don’t get to the shore by thinking about it. You focus on what you’re doing in the moment!

Land here now, with compassion for yourself and others. When we stop hovering above our lives, fighting or complaining about what’s already here, we feel the miracle of being.

Emotionally braver and agile, you return to presence: a reliable habit we all need over the holidays! December can be tough, with lots of emotional triggers.

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This season, cultivate a small-miracle habit that helps you to love your life. Be more present!

Love from Your Braveologist,