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Bravery is something we need for everything in life. We can cultivate it in small moments and build up a reserve for when life’s bigger moments require us to show up and BE BRAVE.

As the holidays approach, time can be a scarce resource and we can experience increasing stress, loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Personally, I had a situation in the last few days that depleted me, so I tapped into my resources for resilience first thing this morning, as I awakened in bed.

There are many things we can do on the fly to bounce back after feeling depleted. We’re all more content, confident, and efficient when we have plentiful reserves!

In my personal practice, I’ve found a simple and easy way to build up my reserves for a resurgence of motivation, energy, and hope. By practicing CONSCIOUS BREATHING, I find I can cultivate a dependable resilience for bravery.

How you START your day can be the foundation for how you handle EVERYTHING else that comes your way throughout the day. Here’s my morning ritual:

I go to my kitchen and select a yummy green tea to drink, often steeping it in my favorite purple and black mug as I stand at my kitchen window for my second round of conscious breathing to anchor myself. In between sips, I’m breathing consciously. I do this in the morning and throughout the day to rebalance and rejuvenate.

Here’s how you perform the magic of CONSCIOUS BREATHING: 

  1. Ground your feet down.  Close your eyes and focus upon your heartspace. Feel your heart beating; note its rhythm.
  2. Take 3 CONSCIOUS BREATHS and breathe in with kindness, then let out a huge exhale.
  3. Find STEADINESS. Do this FOR YOURSELF. Start with YOU. You can take on others once you’re more solid.
  4. Your breath is your powerful, constantly available partner!
  5. Your miraculous lungs produce this amazing rhythm to help you RESET your nervous system, now and ANY TIME today when you are faced with an unexpected challenge.
  6. Partner with your breathing.
  7. Breathe consciously, in and out, with steady awareness.

That’s it!

Remember: you can PAUSE and become more aware, taking a couple of conscious breaths… anytime, anywhere!

Your breath is 1 of the most immediate, effective ways to reset your nervous system so that you can replenish and do whatever is needed next!

Take a moment to pause and breathe consciously today. It’s always with you!

Begin every morning with conscious breathing! The moment you awaken in bed, take 3 conscious breaths and TUNE IN, instead of rushing out of bed or looking at your phone.

You deserve to feel more peace from the get-go.

Start a NEW HABIT today that will help you REPLENISH! Breathe consciously. Feel better by doing it often.

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