Protect Your Happiness 

True happiness is the foundation for our bravery.


 When your beloved struggles with mental health and substance dependency, cravings and relapses, your world is rocked with adversity, hardship, and sometimes even devastation.

Take time for humor. Little moments of silliness or laughing with a friend can help you return to the strong foundation of contentment you need to support your loved one.
Here’s a video of me being goofy. Smile with me, and let’s keep going, together in this battle against the beast of addiction.
We are not fighting our loved ones, we’re fighting the disease of addiction in a world that is still trying to understand it.
Our loved ones need every bit of understanding and empathy we’ve got. They require every ounce of insight, genuine caring, perseverance and unconditional love we can offer them as they get into treatment.
By finding our strength and standing tall with grace, we can role model how to keep going.
We are walking alongside them on their journey. Addiction and mental health are family issues, and system challenges. We’ve GOT to work together in this.
Bring some lightness into your world. Do your self-care. Stay rejuvenated, my friend. This will help you to be brave.
You are on an unwanted journey in a sometimes terrifying wilderness. You’re not alone. We are in this together, supporting one another!
Stay as present as you can, and choose happiness as the path you walk on.
Be Brave. You can. You must.

With love and empathy,