Why Transform?

Because living amidst constant change requires it. We are called to stretch and shed our former skins repeatedly, in death and rebirth cycles, down each passage, around every hairpin turn, throughout our days.

Let’s ask:

Can we transform with brazen grace, with pure, unabashed, no-frills grace? Can we allow ourselves this liberty as we step into the unknown?

To transform …

…with bumpy, clunky, purposeful grace. Tenacious grace. Learning to fly, with sticky wings grace. Imperfect transformation.

I believe we can transform in the loving arms of community, out in the open, not in hiding or isolation. We can bear any judgments, and face them. Some others will not understand, or have limited perspectives. We are all morphing in our own individual ways, finding ourselves, discovering what personal freedom is, and there is no shame in our unique processes.

Why grace?

To me, grace is radical kindness. It is unconditional compassion. We grow in bravery and diligently uncrinkle when we know it will be ok to be messy or goof up as we move forward into something new. To become more real. We are supported by our relentlessly loving best friends and families, our authentic communities, and by wise and conscious experts whom we enlist on our teams.

The process of vulnerably partnering with a beloved, a good friend or therapist helps us to clumsily unfold from a foundation of grace into fresh confidence.

With developing awareness, we try on our new selves, beliefs and behaviors, emanating from the secure container of genuine relationship. We’re held. There is a safe space for us to investigate. We feel a bit brave. Encouraged to experiment with what’s uncomfortable and seems unnatural, we examine what is better and more real for us than what we’ve habitually done before.

There’s no pressure, and we don’t cower to an elevated myth of “perfect” transformation, or “proper” being-ness.

I’m talking about our own novel, personal, step by step, daily transformations, whatever they are, with no accoutrements, radiating from the power of our innocent humanness.

Whatever it looks like for you, or however it feels, transforming with grace will be unique for your individual self.

What is grace to you?


In what ways are you transforming?


Butterfly Mandala by Damien Hirst