Transform with Grace                       

Transform with grace. With strong, innocent grace. Actively involved, openly assertive grace.

This photo is of my friend Carolyn Strong. It’s really her last name! She’s a photographer from Durango, Colorado, and on this particular day, she’d hustled up to Silverton with her dogs, her camera, tripod and props (inexpensive lace dress and straw hat) and hoped for the best during her self-portrait photo shoot.

She was able to avoid the rain, but instead of just wading out into the lake water, she accidentally fell in!

When we turn inward and tap into our instincts, it’s more natural and genuine to respond next with whatever “wants to happen.” We are open to the fluidity of the space around us, to others, to change. We flow with the unpredictability of things.

When we drop our defenses, peeling off those false mechanisms, protections that we think might keep us safe, we get down to the truth of things: we have less control than we think we do.

We are open & receptive. It feels dangerous. We’re on shaky ground in a different reality.

We are bare and raw.

There is a return to trust. To inner trusting, connecting with our deepest selves, to trusting the processes we’re a part of.

Interesting things happen when we are curious like this. And we can have more fun!