My nighttime dreams have guided me much of my adult life. I’ve gained a lot of insight by questioning and understanding the details in my dreams.

Unriddling dreams in partnership with a good therapist has been some of the most useful time I’ve ever spent. Over the years, I’ve examined my own personal dream-filled images and narratives about my most significant, loving relationships. In doing so, I’ve acquired insight that has directed me and greatly influenced my decisions.

I’ve come to realize that this inner-work helps me to access, and then allow my feelings. Moving out of my head and into my heart isn’t easy for me. It’s a slow process which dreamwork helps me to creatively step into.

My best friend of 52 years died last month, and now I am grieving. He was a remarkable man, and we had an incredible, once in a lifetime friendship. Recently, Pamela encouraged me to enter a recurring dream about him. She asked me not to make “sense” of it…but simply be with it.

Talking about him in the dream’s context allows me to celebrate his life and miss him simultaneously. Sitting in the safe space of therapy is a gift. Some part of me doesn’t want to experience all of the sadness, but I honor him and our friendship when I do.

I no longer associate vulnerability with weakness but as the flipside of strength.