I Am More Than This Me                           

We are not our jobs. They’re what we do, but we are the beings that do them.

We’re not our roles either. Friend, brother, mother, helper, creative. We’re passionate about our roles and work, but when we limit ourselves to titles and designations, we may miss moments of connection or opportunity, believing that we are “not that,” holding ourselves back with: “I don’t do that.”

“I am more than this me.” Does this resonate with you? Can we be more than our previous definitions of our Selves, and our limits? More than our problems, or our injuries? What does it feel and look like to transform into our being-ness? Can we stand on the fence of uncertainty, even confusion, and walk along it, not jumping down on either side, and allow who we are and how we’ll act to unfold over time? Do we even need to land on one side or the other? Can who we are be both contained and expansive? Can we be both healing and healed.

What is the fullness of who we are?

We are human beings, not human doings. As you allow angst, and still smile from your deepest soul, who are you? As you step into a new home, an unfamiliar place, and try to make it your own, who are you becoming? When you cry wholeheartedly in mutuality, holding space with a friend, what comes alive in you? A client told me that for years he told people that he “did art” but never called himself an artist. A colleague is a successful “therapist” but couldn’t say to herself that she was the writer she had become until she saw how fluidly poetic and articulate she was. A pianist friend of mine has been renowned as a musician for 30 years, but in his 50’s he has finally embraced the leader he’s been for decades. And now he’s making an even greater difference in our world.

It’s brave to be you. To transform into all of who you are. No matter what anyone else thinks. Throughout your whole life. It may look like messy-poise.

Allowing your being-ness, your crazy-wise youness, you may become more assertive, more contrary, yet actually more loving– because love is linked to truth, and truth means being authentic. What is your unlimited view of yourself?

When we expand our view of who we are, our beingness unfolds, and delightful surprises appear.

This bold, beautiful artwork is by Fares Micue. Her art is available at: Saatchiart & Chairish.