Tools: DISCO                                          

A practice for moving from situational drama into presence with greater perspective

When a difficult situation arrives in our lives, we are often overwhelmed by all the information hitting us at once. We feel shock, fear, anger or sadness. We tend to ruminate over the details, our minds racing, and we negatively obsess over the problem. To find relief, it’s important to allow ourselves to first feel and acknowledge the validity of our emotions. Tuning into our experience on as many levels as possible, rather than fixating solely on the particulars of the arising circumstance, we become more mindful and begin to move past being stuck in the drama of our situation. Second, with tender bravery, we come back into the soothing comfort of presence.

A helpful technique for allowing feelings, getting away from our dominating thoughts, becoming mindfully present and gaining new perspective is this simple tool: DISCO. It only takes 3 to 5 minutes, and by actually standing and moving through the practice as described below, we find our presence and can see more clearly with broader vision into what we will actually do. Options we didn’t even consider pop into our awareness, and opportunities we overlooked appear.

I know it will help you feel better. It’s been a benefit to thousands of people. I practice DISCO regularly, as do many of my clients. Try it.

Sending love, with energy for greater bravery and presence to you right now.