Whole-being Awareness

“Mindfulness” keeps our minds too full!

     …but “whole-being” awareness tunes us in to what’s going on in a broader way.

With whole-being awareness we can notice, on many levels.

Awareness can be freeing. Our perspective is keen from all of who we are.

There are good intentions behind the word mindfulness, and huge impact from the practice of tapping in to our experience.

But the word conjures trying to be consciously aware from our MINDS.

Consciousness is a whole-body experience, including our intuition, emotions, bodies, essences (souls) energy AND minds. Not just our minds!

Oddly enough, our minds are often the source of our troubles, preventing the fullness of awareness we seek!

SO, in 2022, this new year, let’s use a new, more accurate word for what we want:

“Whole-being” awareness. We’re aware from our whole beings not just our minds, or even our heart spaces. We attune to our whole beings in our unique situations.

Whole-being awareness means: tapping in to our worlds and experiencing them from our: hearts, bodies, minds, essences (or souls), intuition and the energy around us.

Six zones of experience. We can tune into all of them in less than thirty seconds with practice. It can be like squinting to see something more clearly. Boom. We see things on six levels, with the light of the full awareness we want magnifying everything.

Just remember: heart, body, mind, essence, intuition and energy.

Ready?! Try it. It’s the year for change and more fullness.