Pamela helped me take on the effects of growing up with an alcoholic parent.

I hadn’t realized how much my anxiety, codependency, and desire to please other people stemmed from this. When I came out in my early twenties I was so worried about what everyone else would think and feel, so I wasn’t able to truly express myself.

I had become so comfortable with complacency because other people were happy. Years later, Pamela taught me her BOAR technique, and in using that, I worked through all of my issues and gained the confidence to be brave and take on life.


B=Breathe (3 conscious breaths, in and out)

O= Observe (what’s happening in my heart, body, mind, inner essence & environment)

A= Allow (without a story, without any judgment)

R=Reset (reframe it, relax into it, respond without reacting,  etc.)

I am now truly living my life for the first time, free and brave. I’m looking forward to marrying a beautiful woman and raising our three amazing daughters. My fiancé and I both now use BOAR, not only as a couple but also in navigating the challenges and blessings that come with raising three happy, active daughters.

Pamela changed my life in ways I didn’t know were possible for me.